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SeaFair is available for charters to host product launches, exhibitions, galas, fundraisers, shows, forums, etc. The event possibilities are endless, and clients have the chance to expand and distinguish their company and/or institutions’ potential, offering their guests an unforgettable experience in multiple markets along the U.S. east coast.


Ideal for:

Corporations • Event Planners • Luxury Brands • Movie/Film Industry • Museums • Experiential Marketing


Great for hosting:

Product Launches • Galas • Branding Events • Forums/Conventions • Film shoots • Exhibitions • Fundraisers • Film Screenings • Festivals


Benefits of Chartering:

• With access to many East Coast markets, SeaFair may be strategically co-located at major sporting, cultural and entertainment events.
• It’s a great opportunity to distinguish your company from others by engaging the attendee in an unforgettable event experience.
• A highly visible, spectacular, beacon-like megayacht venue specially designed and constructed to attract attention in each port.
• SeaFair’s unique model consists of an environment that stimulates all the senses, provoking a positive atmosphere.
• SeaFair is built to simultaneously host numerous event concepts.
• A luxurious, private club-like atmosphere that facilitates personal contact with attendees.
• Twenty-eight individual exhibition spaces - each of which can be completely customized to meet any exhibition/meeting or event requirement.
• The innovative and unique venue generates a great deal of buzz and word-of mouth among the press, key influencers in the communities it visits, and leaders in the corporate world.  



Lee Ann Lester
T: 305.713.5030
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